2023 Varsity Game Themes

Get ready, Blue Crew and Stony Point Tiger fans, for a season filled with exciting themes that will bring even more energy to our football games! As the team gears up to take on fierce opponents, we’re calling on all of you to join in the spirit by dressing up for these fantastic themes.

First up, we have “Mine Out the Maroons” against Austin High. Deck yourselves in glorious gold and show the Maroons just what it means to be a Stony Point Tiger fan.

Then, it’s time for a “White Out” against Killeen. Let’s unite in a sea of white, demonstrating our unwavering support as our Tigers take the field on Senior Night.

When we face Pflugerville, it’s all about “Prey on the Panthers.” Wear your best hunting or camo attire and let’s show them we’re a force to be reckoned with.

Get ready to “Destruct the Vipers” against Vandegrift. Embrace your inner builder and wear your finest construction-themed outfit as we roar for victory.

As we “Lei Down the Dragons” against Round Rock, put on your Hawaiian or beach gear and transport the stands to a tropical paradise.

For the game against Cedar Ridge, it’s time to “Patriot Out the Purple.” Deck yourselves in red, white, and blue, and let’s paint the stadium with patriotic pride.

When we face Vista Ridge, it’s a “Round Up the Rangers” showdown. Don your cowboy hats and country attire and let’s rally behind our team.

Homecoming against Westwood is all about Tiger pride. Wear blue and gold as we celebrate our school and team with enthusiasm.

Join the fight against cancer with our “Pink Out” against McNeil. Put on your best pink attire to show your support for the cause.

And finally, for the game against Manor, it’s a “Black Out.” Dress in black to create an intimidating wall of unity as we cheer our Tigers to victory.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to dress up, cheer loud, and show your Tiger pride as we make our presence felt at every game! Go Tigers!

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