Stony Point Triumphs in Season Opener Against Austin High

In a thrilling start to the season at House Park, the Stony Point Tigers emerged victorious over the Austin High Maroons, with a final score of 24-21. The game ignited with action as Shane Werner grabbed an interception on Austin High’s first play from scrimmage, setting the tone for an intense showdown.

Junior Running Back Andrew Hill (20) celebrates a touchdown with Sophomore Wide Receiver Trystin Rimes (14)

Quarterback Kinnick Kalbus wasted no time in capitalizing on the interception, connecting with Trystin Rimes for a touchdown just three plays later. The energy escalated when Andrew Hill sprinted for a remarkable 60-yard touchdown run after Austin High scored a touchdown of their own. The Maroons quickly responded by returning the ensuing kickoff for a 103-yard touchdown, making it clear that both teams were ready to fight.

Kalbus and Rimes teamed up once more early in the second quarter for another touchdown pass, putting the Tigers ahead 21-14. Austin High proved resilient, connecting on a 50-yard touchdown bomb after recovering a muffed punt, bringing the score to an even 21-21 with 7 minutes left in the second quarter. It was looking like the game was going to be a score-fest, but the rest of the second quarter was marked by stout defenses as the score remained tied at halftime.

Senior Defensive Back Hwiseong Yang (2) and Sophomore Linebacker Daniel Sawyer (13) stop a Maroons ball carrier

As the second half began, both teams continued to showcase their defensive prowess, creating a scoring drought that wouldn’t end until late in the fourth quarter. In the crucial final moments, the Tigers executed a drive that brought them to the Maroon’s 19-yard line, where Noah Lopez booted a 26-yard field goal to secure a 24-21 lead for Stony Point with 2:46 remaining in the game. The Tigers’ defense held firm during Austin High’s last possession, securing the hard-fought victory.

Looking ahead, the Tigers are gearing up to face the Killeen Kangaroos, who secured their first win against Chaparral. This upcoming match will take place at Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex on Thursday, August 31, as fans eagerly await another round of thrilling football action.

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