2023 Yard Signs Available Now!

Show your unwavering support for your football player and the entire Stony Point team with our fantastic yard signs, proudly brought to you by the Stony Point Football Booster Club. These yard signs are more than just decorations – they’re a powerful way to showcase your Tiger pride. You have the option to personalize your sign with your player’s name and number, creating a unique display of support that will light up your front yard. Or, if you’re all about team spirit, you can opt for a design without a name and number to show your support for the entire team.

Two styles of yard sign are available, “Tiger Football” and “Class of 2024 Football”.

Yard Sign sales have ended for the 2023 season

These signs not only show your support during the games but become a constant reminder of the dedication, hard work, and camaraderie that football represents. So, whether you’re cheering on a specific player or the entire Class of 2024, these yard signs are the perfect way to make your support known to the whole neighborhood. Get yours today and let’s light up our community with Stony Point Tiger pride!

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