Sports Physical Registration Open – $25

If you’re planning on attending an athletic summer camp or participating in the 2023 sports season, Round Rock ISD requires you to have a sports physical. It’s important to get a sports physical to ensure you’re in good health and able to safely participate. The Stony Point Football Booster Club will be hosting a sports physical event on May 20 from 9 AM to Noon.

A sports physical is a comprehensive medical exam that assesses an individual’s physical readiness to participate in sports. It includes an evaluation of vital signs, cardiovascular health, joint mobility, and overall fitness. During the exam, your medical history will be reviewed, and the physician will conduct a physical exam to assess your health status and identify any potential risks or concerns.

Sports physicals are important to ensure that athletes are healthy and ready to participate in physical activities. They can also help identify potential health issues that may impact athletic performance or put the athlete at risk for injury. By getting a sports physical, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good health and ready to participate in sports.

If you plan on attending the sports physical event hosted by the Stony Point Football Booster Club, be sure to bring your physical form. It’s also important to wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes so the physician can properly evaluate your physical fitness.

Overall, getting a sports physical is an important step in ensuring that you’re physically prepared to participate in sports. By attending the event hosted by the Stony Point Football Booster Club, you can get the exam you need and be ready to enjoy the upcoming sports season.

All schools, all sports, and all athletes are welcome!

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