Sujei Llanos



Year joined Stony Point High School Football Booster Club Board:2019
Years served:2
Player(s) name:Damion Acevedo
Player(s) grade:10th
Hometown:Rochester, New York
Background (or other non-profit experience):My paying job is working at SAP Concur leading a team of Software Implementation Project Managers. As for the non-profit, I am the Treasurer for the Hopewell Middle School PTA.
Hobbies/outside interests:Performing Arts – Dance is my favorite outside interest. I love to dance and watch dance. I was a professional dancer and still love it.
Why did you join the Stony Point Football Booster Club Board?Being involved with a group of people that are making a difference and want to be present in doing so especially when the cause is to be the backbone and support for children.
What really makes you “roar?”My son and my family inspire me every single day.