Year joined Stony Point High School Football Booster Club Board:2017
Years served:2
Player(s) name:Tim Landry Rickey Landry
Player(s) grade:12th 10th
Hometown:Round Rock, Texas
Background (or other non-profit experience):Married for 30 years, homemaker for 20 years, raised 8 children, Assistant Guide at Goodwater Montessori, St. John Vianney Youth Group Core Team
Hobbies/outside interests:Reading, camping, hiking, exercising, watching my boys play sports
Why did you join the Stony Point Football Booster Club Board?I joined the football booster club because I saw first hand how much my boys loved the Stony Point football program and the positive impact the program and the coaching staff had on my boys. By joining the Stony Point Football Booster Club Board, I can help not only my children but all the other boys on the team achieve their dreams on the field and in the classroom.
What really makes you “roar?”Belonging to a booster club that can make a real difference in a young man’s life. Through college scholarships or creating an amazing and unforgettable game day experience. It takes a village!