Joanne Georgeson



 Year joined Stony Point Football Booster Club Board:2020
Years served:1
Player(s) name:Hunter Georgeson
Player(s) grade:10th
Hometown:Nelson, New Zealand
Background (job or other non-profit experience):Professionally I am a Curriculum Developer for an international hospitality software company and work from home. I have been actively involved in PTA and on the board since pregnant with my now Senior, in various roles including President, Secretary, Fundraising, Membership and Parliamentarian, and also Treasurer for my sonโ€™s Boy Scout Troop in his first two years of participation.
Hobbies/outside interests:Traveling, movies, spending time with my family and friends.
Why did you join the Stony Point Football Booster Club Board?After a two year absence from much volunteer work due to travelling for work, the time was right for a return to helping and giving back to my community, being part of the Booster Club for football will help me to improve my understanding of American Football, ๐Ÿ˜Š and keep a close bond with my son as he moves through High School.
What really makes your “roar?”:Bringing a positive influence to create change.