Angela Chambers



Year joined Stony Point High School Football Booster Club Board:2018
Years served:3
Player(s) name:Jake Chambers
Player(s) grade:11th
Hometown:San Saba, Texas
Background (or other non-profit experience):Professionally, I have been a court reporter (stenographer) for 29 years working in the Travis and Williamson County courts. I am part of the worship team at my local church. I have also previously served as a board member in youth football with the Wilco Tigers and have always served on my son’s teams throughout the years as “Team Mom.”
Hobbies/outside interests:Singing, traveling, and spending time with my family
Why did you join the Stony Point Football Booster Club Board?Growing up as a missionary in Central America, I learned early on the importance of being a part of something that’s larger than myself and the impact we can have on a community when we serve its people. In serving our Stony Point community, my hope is to help create a culture of excellence and cultivate leaders with a heart of service.
What really makes you “roar?”Being a positive influence to create change.