Carla Cook

Year joined Stony Point Football Booster Club Board:2019
Years served:5
Player(s) name:Kaden Cook
Player(s) grade:11th
Hometown:Austin, TX
Background (job or other non-profit experience):Assistant City Attorney, City of Pflugerville, 2000-2005. Assistant County Attorney, Travis County, 2005-present. Pflugerville Hawks Youth Football Board Member 2009-2016 and Vice President, 2016
Hobbies/outside interests:Supporting my children, dancing, and reading
Why did you join the Stony Point Football Booster Club Board?I was always taught that we should use our blessings to help others. Being a parent comes with great responsibility that extends beyond just my child. The most positive influence I can have on my child is to be a positive role model, and lead by example. In life, and sports, no one person can do everything alone. To be great you must be willing to do your part. We have great expectations of our youth in academics, sports, and in our community. As a community, we too must be willing to do our part to ensure their success.
What really makes you “ROAR”?We all have a God given purpose for our existence. Through faith, I firmly believe that all things are possible.