Stony Point Football Booster Club | Make It Possible™


The Stony Point Tiger Football Booster Club (Booster Club) is a non-profit organization, organized and structured for the sole purpose of supporting the football program at Stony Point High School. At Stony Point Football Booster Club, we believe enriching the lives of student athletes enables breakthrough mindsets that make it possible for them to believe they will achieve. Central to this vision is the idea of Make It Possible™ – a phrase that describes the valuable role we can play to bring opportunities to the student athletes.

Make It Possible™ is about unlocking new opportunities – with our parents, sponsors and within our own booster club. It’s about delivering solutions that get results. At the Booster Club, we believe we are a catalyst to unlock the power of our student athletes by encouraging, enriching and empowering. In addition, we believe this will help them to overcome challenges that seem insurmountable and to do what others think can’t be done.

The Booster Club provides scholarships in addition to many resources for the football program and the student athletes. These resources are above and beyond what the Round Rock Independent School District is able to furnish.

Inside our Booster Club, we value individuals and businesses who make it possible for our success by advancing our strategy and empowering others.

Come join us and let’s “Make it Possible™”


Ken Cuthrell, 

Stony Point Football Booster Club President